It's been a busy week for Sony's Playstation division. First we get a demo of a PlayStation 2 connected to a USB webcam and turning the unit into a video conferencing unit. Sony has been encouraging its developers to utilise video conferencing with its EyeToy hardware knowing that it would give the console the technical edge over the voice enabled Xbox.

If that wasn't enough PlayStation has also announced that the PSP, its portable handheld, will not be launched in the UK or America this year. Sony still plan to launch in Japan for Christmas, but the rest of the world will have to wait until Easter. The delay to the launch seems to be the want for plenty of titles to be available for a Europe/US launch rather than a lack of units. This might not be good news for anyone looking to have the PSP on their Christmas list, but at least Sony Executives will be happy that if anything should slip further, Christmas won't have to be cancelled.

In the meantime, Sony is planning a wave of new PS2 exclusives to keep people on the platform. New titles include a third instalment for Jak, a sequel for Ratchet & Clank, and another for Sly Raccoon. New titles also include a possible follow up to The Mark of Kri.

The games will form Sony's line up in the run up to Christmas offering a more family friendly set of titles before Rockstar's GTA title takes over the PS2 charts.