Underestimating a core fanbase and TV advertising- and sponsorship- means playing into the hands of Electronic Arts. After just a fortnight Mr Woods' latest incarnation is top of the all format charts (week ending 4th October 2003). Another easy million seller is more or less guaranteed.

Thanks to retail bundling, the Hulk movie tie-in game has also climbed back to number three, brought about by the latest round of PS2 price cuts. This means EyeToy has only dropped one place to six and its other new release, Freedom Fighters, also shifts just the one place to eight.

The only other new entries were the predictable Finding Nemo tie-in and Wrestling fans can put on virtual lycra with WWE Raw, both at 19 and 20.

In the full-price PC games chart it was almost a clean sweep, but one Sims title is still clinging on for dear life- the Superstar add-on pack at number eight. The usual suspects basically shifted around, with the Medal Of Honour Add-on pack Breakthrough, moving the Command And Conquer Add-on pack Zero Hour, back to number two. Big deal, it's all EA profit as the add-ons become de rigeur for multiplayer. Antivirus software, updated by Norton, continues to climb from five to three and the integrated suite with other utilities stayed at number seven.

Like the All Formats section- the only new entries were at are the bottom of the PC chart where two more core fanbases gave sequels a good start. This time it's the UFO series of a decade's standing, with Aftermath the latest sequel entering at number nine. At number ten is an add-on for Age Of Mythology, The Titans.

It's hoping too much for a Sims-free PC chart but it might just happen. Finally In the PC budget charts there was no change in the top three: People taking driving tests kept the theory software at the top, followed by Sim City 3000 and Theme Hospital, which have racked up 2.5 and 4.5 years respectively across both charts.