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(Pocket-lint) - Scuf's custom controllers have long be items of envy for gamers, with their extra paddle buttons and trigger stops helping professionals and aspirants alike to up their game in small but noticeable ways.

Now it's launching a new wave of customisation options for its latest controller, the Reflex, which is its own impressive update to the PS5's Dualsense.

The Reflex has been available in waves of limited stock for a good few months, albeit a real challenge to actually order, but it's now up for totally custom jobs, letting you choose the colour and pattern of basically every element on the pad.

From the faceplate to individual buttons and the colour of your triggers, right down to how long your analogue sticks should be, this will let you get an exact match for your needs, within the parameters on offer:

  • 32 faceplate colors
  • 9 touchpad colors
  • 9 faceplate trim colors
  • 6 button kit colors
  • 4 thumbstick colors
  • 2 thumbstick shapes
  • 2 thumbstick heights
  • 2 trigger styles
  • 7 trigger and bumper colors
  • 7 D-pad colors
  • 5 create/options colors
  • 2 home colors

You can check out the customisation suite on Scuf's website here, and order one for yourself if you've got the cash - the controller gets more and more expensive as you tweak things, though, unsurprisingly.

We'll be testing a fully kitted-out Reflex very soon, too, so keep an eye out for our full review in due course.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.