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(Pocket-lint) - Since Sony announced its extension to PlayStation Plus, which is coming in June, there have been many questions on the games that will be part of the library of "up to 400" titles.

Some were revealed during the announcement at the end of March, including Marvel's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but bar Mortal Kombat 11, few other third-party games were mentioned.

We've heard that, unlike Microsoft's equivalent Xbox Game Pass, there are no plans to add day one releases, but what of the rest?

Well, according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan we'll have to wait a little longer to find out. However, he has stated that it will be supported by every major publisher and many more besides: "I’m going to play a little hard to get on that one, but I can tell you free that we have massive publisher participation in this program," he replied to a related question on the Official PlayStation Podcast (as reported by VGC).

"We have all the big names present."

PS Plus will be split into three tiers come June, with the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service merged into the priciest plan.

There will be PS Plus Essentials, which is basically the same as the existing PlayStation Plus subscription service, with PS Plus Extra and Premium added. They offer additional benefits for increasingly higher membership fees.

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Both will include access to a library of up to 400 classic and recent PS5 and PS4 games, with the Premium tier also offering cloud gaming access (so you don't have to download them if you don't want to) and an add-on library of PS3, PS2, original PlayStation and PSP games.

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