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(Pocket-lint) - PlayStation Plus went down for much of today. However, PS5 and PS4 owners around the world are now seeing the service come back online.

The problems started early this morning (UK time) and affected users who downloaded and installed the new system software on their consoles.

We had issues with Grand Theft Auto Online and FIFA 22, not being able to access the multiplayer online game modes on either. But they are both now seemingly working again.

In the case of FIFA 22, we were dumped back to the Ultimate Team menu screen each time we tried to start a match (in all multiplayer modes). GTA Online presented an even bigger problem - it claimed we didn't even have active PS Plus membership.

The same issue was widely reported for numerous other games online, and by many users.

PlayStation is yet to comment on the outage or why it happened. Its UK customer service Twitter account, @AskPS_UK, hasn't updated since stating that it was "aware some Players are experiencing issues with PlayStation Plus functionality" in replies to concerned players.

The new system software was first made available today, Wednesday 23 March 2022. It adds voice control, UI improvements and a number of fixes.

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