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(Pocket-lint) - Sony is rolling out new system software to PlayStation 5 users globally today.

This means that a raft of options that have only be available to beta testers are now going to be open to everyone, including the option to output at 1440p resolution.

Here's what the September 2022 system software adds to PlayStation 5. You can also scroll down to check out how to register for the beta program for future trials.

New features in PS5 system software (September 2022)

There are several new features in this software update that have been available for beta participants to test for a while, including a new resolution option and the addition of gamelists.


Here is a brief rundown of the new features.

1440p resolution

PlayStation has listened to enthusiast gamers who play on monitors, and is adding support for 1440p as an output resolution, subject to games supporting the resolution, which may take some time to implement.

If you play a game at 4K on a 1440p monitor or TV, Sony says you may get better anti-aliasing as it supersamples down to 1440p, which some people will love.


This new tool makes it easier to organise your growing library of games, by letting you add games to custom lists that group them as you like for quicker access.

You can create these in the Your Collection section of the console's UI and can have up to 15 lists each with up to 100 games on.

You can add streaming, digital and disc games regardless of their format.

3D audio comparison

Choosing between 3D and stereo audio is a little easier thanks to a comparison on the same screen, letting you more easily switch between the sound profiles.

Social features

There are some new social features to check out, including the option to request a party member to start screen sharing their gameplay to you, instead of relying on them to do that work. You can also now do this through the PS App, letting you connect on the go.

Joining a party will now also give you an interactive notification to join its members' game if that option is available to you, which is always handy.

When you accept a friend request you'll get the option to immediately view their profile, while sending stickers and voice messages to groups is being added to Game Base, too.

How to apply for the PS5 beta program

Although it may be too late to test the last beta version of the system software, given it's now rolling out to everyone globally, you can still register as a beta tester for possible future inclusion.

Just head to the registration page here - www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps5/ps5-beta-program-sign-up/ - and sign into your PlayStation account to verify your interest.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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