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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 has been quietly getting a small update for users recently, in particular those in North America, to let them more easily share clips and screenshots they've captured on the console with their friends.

The new system lets you enable auto-uploads to the PS App, Sony's companion app for its consoles, where your captures will stay for 14 days while you decide how you want to use them, if at all.

Previously, the only ways to get captures off your console were to plug in a USB drive to transfer them, or to upload them directly to a social media channel like Twitter or YouTube. A few workarounds had been found, but this new way is far simpler.

To enable it, follow the steps below (some of which may not work in your region yet, so you may need some patience).

How to auto-upload captures from your PS5 to your phone

  1. On your PS5's home menu, click on your Game Library and then navigate to your Media Gallery
  2. Open up the Gallery and see if you receive a new prompt offering auto-uploads
  3. If you do, agree to turn the feature on
  4. Open up the PS App on your phone (force close it completely first if this is the first instance of trying auto-uploads)
  5. Hit the Game Library icon on your navigation bar, then go to Captures
  6. Here you'll find new captures you've made since activating the feature, ready to share

The feature shouldn't require a system update to become activated, so if you're not currently able to use it (which is the case for us here in the UK at the moment), you might just have to try again soon.

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