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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty fans who own a PlayStation 4 or PS5 have been in limbo for the last couple of weeks after news broke of Xbox buying Activision in a deal worth $69 billion.

Now, there's a ray of hope - or, at least, a temporary reprieve. The reliable Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has cited sources familiar with the huge gaming deal to clarify just what it means for the next few COD games on PlayStation.

According to his sources, the next three major COD releases will still release on PlayStation as a minimum, comprising the untitled main games in 2022 and 2023, along with a new second iteration of the smash hit free-to-play title, Warzone, also most likely in 2023.

Whether Xbox sticks to those release dates, which are estimates based on the release pattern of COD in recent years, isn't guaranteed, but for now you can assume that Activision will be carrying on under that impression.

If those are the only games covered by any sort of agreement between Activision and PlayStation, the other obvious question is what will happen to subsequent Call of Duty titles that aren't included in any contracts.

While the above Tweet from Phil Spencer suggests that COD might continue on PlayStation in the longterm, it's also entirely possible (if not likely) that it's referring to the games Schreier has reported on, and that the fate of titles further down the line will remain in Xbox's strategic hands.

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