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(Pocket-lint) - Death Stranding is one of the most enigmatic games we've played in a long time, a mesmerising yet also sometimes stupefying journey across America in a dark future.

It was also one of the most visually impressive games to launch on the PlayStation 4, releasing a little before that console started to enter its true twilight years. Now, as part of a litany of reveals from Summer Games Fest, we know that Death Stranding will be getting a second release, this time for PlayStation 5.

The game will be called Death Stranding Director's Cut, a label that feels appropriate given the direct control Hideo Kojima takes over his games, and we don't actually know much about what it will bring to the table compared to the original version.

The above teaser trailer, shown off during Summer Games Fest's live kickoff stream, obviously references Kojima's famous Metal Gear Solid franchise and its many cardboard box-based shenanigans, but that's all a misdirect before the title reveal.

A full reveal of the project is apparently only a few weeks away, but there are some fairly obvious educated guesses that can be made. Namely, the PS5 version of Death Stranding will presumably run at a higher resolution with a likely higher frame rate to go with it.

We could also see enhanced graphics to go with those bumps, or better draw distances - and, of course, there's the chance of extra gameplay content. Calling it a Director's Cut implies that some segments might have been restored from the cutting room floor, so it'll be interesting to learn more. For now, we've got a simple "coming soon" as far as a timeline goes, so this will be one to keep an eye on.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.