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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 has been a divisive console when it comes to its design - at least externally. The huge white tower, with its wing-tips and contrasting black middle strip, is certainly a new direction for Sony's consoles.

It looks like Sony's not sitting still on it, though. The exterior look of the console seems to be set in stone for now, but reports are emerging that the console might get a slight redesign internally in 2022.

The information has come out of Taiwan, where DigiTimes is citing sources at suppliers that are in the long process of preparing to swap their manufacturing over to a new design. 

The biggest change is apparently likely to be around the CPU, which could turn into a newer version from AMD with a 6NM design, and present a way around the ongoing semiconductor shortage that most electronics-makers are facing up to.

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Obviously it'd still require semiconductors, but perhaps a change can nonetheless rejig the supply chain enough to help Sony cope, as it mentioned in an investors' call a few weeks ago. 

All in all, then, a redesign is perhaps a strong word for what's being described here, which is closer to an internal change like that which graced the Nintendo Switch a couple of years ago, with no fanfare from Nintendo. Still, that console saw a nice, if small, performance boost as a result, so PlayStation fans will likely want to keep an ear to the ground if a similar change might be coming for the PS5. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.