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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced that PlayStation Now will begin streaming games at 1080p resolution.

The company's cloud gaming subscription service was previously capped at 720p resolution, though an update will now allow the picture clarity to take a significant leap forward. 

Sony indicates that the upgrade will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks, across Europe, the US, Canada and Japan where the service is available. 

However, as illustrated in the tweet from Sony above, this doesn't necessarily mean that every game will be able to receive the resolution boost. Sony indicates that this will specifically apply to "1080p capable games", meaning that only a limited number of titles will initially have support. 

This list, unfortunately, is yet to be shared by Sony, and we also don't know whether this will be highlighted within PlayStation Now.

Even still, it's an important step for Sony's platform, since it brings the resolution more in line with its key competitors. Currently, Amazon Luna is able to reach 1080p, while Google Stadia can even go as far as 4K resolution. Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, meanwhile, is currently testing 1080p support and should be available soon. 

Of course, since the service offers users access to titles from the three previous generations of consoles - with many of those not capable of reaching the lofty heights of 1080p natively - it may take a while for the library of higher-res games to grow. 

For those with a reliable connection, though, PlayStation Now has just become an even more attractive service to consider. As ever, though, the real test is continuing to keep up with the ever-growing amount of rivals.

Writing by Conor Allison.