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(Pocket-lint) - Things seem to be a-changing behind the scenes at Sony, with its tactics going forward around PlayStation games apparently veering toward heavily favouring big, blockbuster titles.

One such upcoming game is a new remake of the first The Last of Us, which initially came out on PS3 before being remastered the first time around for PS4.

According to a juicy report from Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, the game was initially being handled by a different studio under Sony's helm, and might have been intended to come in a package with The Last of Us Part II. 

That obviously hasn't happened, and the game has instead passed back under Naughty Dog's wing, given its experience and familiarity with the IP it created back in 2013.

How far along the remake is right now is far from clear, and it's also hazy whether it's another high-fidelity remaster, adding detail and graphical prowess, or a more wide-ranging remake that could deviate from the original.

However, the wider context behind this story is that Sony seems to be consolidating its efforts and moving away from making smaller games as independent projects. 

Instead, per Schreier's reporting, blockbusters are the aim - big, AAA games that drive sales and hopefully establish franchises. However, Days Gone is mentioned as an example of a game that, even while being profitable, won't be getting a sequel after the long gestation time it took to make it to market. 

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There's clearly change in the air at a few levels of Sony's strategy for PlayStation, with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass gambit and developer purchases potentially making waves. We'll wait to hear more news of The Last of Us remake, meanwhile, although we won't be holding our breath like it's in any way imminent. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 9 April 2021.