(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 isn't getting any easier to buy yet, based on most people's experiences in recent weeks, but some retailers are finally looking into different ways to organise the pot-luck chaos of restocks. 

It's starting up a new raffle system, the PS5 Priority Pass, which lets people enter to be given a chance to go to a Currys store to buy the console when it's in stock. This partly sounds like a way to ensure that hundreds don't turn up when lockdowns are over and brick-and-mortar stores get restocks of the console in. 

People can enter on the Currys website here, and if they win they'll be emailed a code that'll be valid for 72 hours. That'll be their window to make their way to the store they've been allocated, and complete their purchase. 

This will all kick off from 12th April, when the UK Government's guidelines around leisure activities and shopping relax to allow for people to go to stores like this. 

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This sounds like a solid enough way to try to stop scalpers from making off with all the PS5 stock, although the fact that it's in person is the real factor here. This isn't an online raffle, so the issue of website restocks does seem likely to persist, sadly. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.