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(Pocket-lint) - A PC modder has built what must be the coolest PlayStation 5 around. As well as new body work, it has been adapted with a full water cooling system to ensure it will always run at peak performance.

The Vietnamese customiser also hopes to build a modified version of the console to be sold commercially in the future.

The first model replaces almost the entire PlayStation bodywork with new plates and parts, plus full water cooling which you can visibly see as part of the final design.

As reported by VGC, Nhenhophach also posted a video of his build, in which he states that his company also hopes to incorporate PS5 hardware into a future PC build.

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The video also shows thermal performance tests on the finished model: "There’s no way to measure precisely the temperature of the APU core of PS5 and memory chips," said the modder.

"Testing was done in a manner that take lots of time playing. [But] based on water temperature and backplate temperature, we can gauge the performance of this system in some way."

It will be interesting to see if Nhenhophach also takes on the Xbox Series X, although that technically looks like a mini-tower PC already.

Writing by Rik Henderson.