(Pocket-lint) - Anyone trying to buy a PlayStation 5 right now (or for the last few months) will know full well how thin on the ground stock continues to be in all territories - the days of being able to wander online and easily check out with a console seem far, far away still.

PlayStation big boss Jim Ryan has been doing the interview rounds this week, not least to draw attention to Sony's continued commitment to PSVR and the existence of a forthcoming headset for the PS5, due in 2022.

He's also been asked some obvious questions about the stock shortage, though, and his responses have some mixed blessings to offer up. On the one hand, he's clear that the global shortage of semiconductors means things aren't getting much easier when it comes to producing more consoles. 

That doesn't sound too promising, but he's also been clear to say that there will be more stock throughout the year, and the second half of 2021 should be an easier place for consumers as demand slowly but surely starts to be satisfied. 

The juiciest morsel comes from his chat with the Financial Times: "It will get better every month throughout 2021. The pace of the improvement in the supply chain will gather throughout the course of the year, so by the time we get to the second half of [2021], you’re going to be seeing really decent numbers indeed."

That's more exciting, and should hopefully mean that more people get a chance to secure what we think is a really excellent new console for the first time. 


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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.