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(Pocket-lint) - There's a PlayStation 5 on sale that even scalpers might find tricky to snag. Crazy gadget customisation brand Caviar has pimped the PS5 to include eight sheets of solid gold on the outer plates and, in the process, raised its price to $499,000 (£356,768).

The Golden Rock PS5 is actually the Digital Edition in new clothing. It will work exactly the same as the conventional Digital Edition - playing downloadable games only. However, the coverted plates "add volume and texture". We do have to wonder what it'll do to heat dissipation too, considering the fan unit is being surrounded by metal. But, if you have the money to buy this edition of the console, it's possible you'll never actually use it to play games on.


It also comes with a DualSense controller covered in crocodile leather for good measure. Only nine units will be made.

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If almost half-a-million bucks is too spicy for you, maybe you'd prefer the "Carbon" and "Alligator" special edition models that Caviar is also making.

The Carbon model is covered in durable car carbon, including the DualSense. It is available for $5,830.

The Alligator edition will set you back $8,140 and is, as the name suggests, covered in alligator leather. Both will be available in limited runs of 99 units apiece.

Writing by Rik Henderson.