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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Japan has confirmed that it has ceased production on the PS4 Pro. Only one base PlayStation 4 model will continue.

Stock of every PS4 and PS4 Pro, apart from the standard Jet Black slim console, will not be replenished when retailers sell out.

Sony will, quite rightly, concentrate on production of the PlayStation 5 instead.

This comes after the revelation that a local Japanese retailer informed its customers it will no longer stock several PS4 variants. It claimed via in-store signs that this was "due to the manufacturer ending production".

In addition, the official PlayStation Direct store in the US previously posted it would no longer offer PS4 Pro consoles for sale. That statement was subsequently removed after press coverage, but is likely to be reinstated soon.


It's not yet known whether the discontinuation of all but one PS4 models will also affect the UK, but it's almost certain.

We must admit, we did think there was something odd about the lack of PS4 consoles available at discount prices on Black Friday last year. This could be why.

Hopefully, by focusing its efforts on PS5 production, we should see more stock of the main and Digital Edition consoles hit stores soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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