(Pocket-lint) - Sony has reportedly cut its production target for the PlayStation 5 this fiscal year (ending in April 2021), but that shouldn't affect Christmas orders too much.

It was originally alleged to be manufacturing 15 million units for sale in the period but, due to the ongoing pandemic and claimed manufacturing issues, Bloomberg's sources state that has now dropped to 11 million units.

To be honest, that shouldn't affect consumers too much. After all, the PlayStation 4's record-breaking first month sales stood at 4.2 million, so there should still be plenty of PS5 consoles availanle to meet initial demand.

More interesting perhaps is that Bloomberg also estimates prices at around $499 for the PlayStation 5 and sub-$400 for the PS5 Digital Edition.

The former price would put the PS5 in a direct head-to-head with the Xbox Series X. However, the PS5 Digital Edition would be considerably more expensive than the Xbox Series S.

It's understandable - while the Series S is a stripped back next-gen console, the PS5 Digital Edition is as technically capable as its stablemate, it just ditches the disc drive to cut costs.

Still, when parents on a budget are looking at a next-gen purchase, the price might be the major factor and, if Bloomberg is right, it could put Xbox at a significant advantage.

We should find out more during the PlayStation Showcase event tomorrow, Wednesday 16 September.

Writing by Rik Henderson.