(Pocket-lint) - After rumours started to escalate in the last couple of days, Sony and Crystal Dynamics have made waves by announcing that the upcoming Marvel's Avengers will get a PlayStation-exclusive DLC pack, for free, letting players take on the role of Spider-Man. 

The game's very much the next big release in the calendar, and it seems that Sony's been cooking up this deal for a while. It's obviously tied to Sony's ownership of the Spider-Man license, which it carefully shares with Marvel now, and given the exclusivity of Insomniac's excellent standalone Spider-Man game isn't a huge surprise.

The DLC will apparently arrive in early 2021, a few months after the main game's launch, and will cost nothing extra, a nice deal for those who pick up the game on PlayStation. We already knew that Hawkeye will be coming in another DLC pack for all systems. 

Of course, this sort of exclusivity generally draws some ire and has done so again here, largely from Xbox owners dismayed to find out that they've got no chance of playing the game to the absolute fullest.

It's a bit of a callback to the days when these sorts of asymmetric content offerings were more common, and most people aren't happy to see it return. Having said that, Sony's got a few of these exclusivity deals in play already, not least with Call of Duty games, where content often drops first on PlayStation, so it's not a new problem at all. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.