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(Pocket-lint) - With a new console generation comes new console user interfaces, generally - although Microsoft has quietly confirmed that the Xbox Series X will use a near-identical dashboard to the current generation of Xbox Ones.

Still, Sony is flying the flag for change again this time around, and after its dramatic recent unveiling of the Playstation 5's radical new design it looks like we'll also be getting a new user interface to go with it. 

The VP of user experience design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin has been responding to questions under his LinkedIn post showing off the console, and some of his replies are instructive. 

For one thing, he's confirmed that the PS4's interface is getting a "100 percent overhaul", with some key new functionality added in for the first time, although he couldn't be drawn on what those changes might be. 

Further to that, he says that the changes are substantive enough that it can be called a "complete rearchitecting of the user interface" - so it sounds like we could be in for quite the contrast. 

Of course, beyond what looked like a short clip of the console's powering on screen, we've not seen any of the PS5's interface in use, nor do we have any indication of when we might. With release around six months away, though, we're unlikely to have to wait too long. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.