(Pocket-lint) - You will finally be able to get your hands on The Last of Us Part 2 on Friday 19 June, when it is released for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

We're pretty sure you'll want to tear into it as quickly as possible. It is, after all, the most eagerly-anticipated game of 2020 - if not this console generation.

However, you should also be aware that speed-running through it could mean you miss some of its best moments. There is plenty of added value in exploring every nook and cranny - more so even than in its predecessor.

Pocket-lint spoke with the co-game director of LOUII, Anthony Newman, who explained to us that there are plenty of hidden locations and secrets to discover throughout the game, that aren't essential to the plot but still important to the overall journey:

"It's a little nerve wracking for us to put so much effort into something that someone might not actually experience," he said.

"But, we feel that, by having some of these experiences it'll be something that you can feel like you organically discovered. It makes it feel much more special and unique to you."

Newman also revealed one of the gems you could miss (so beware of spoilers). It takes place in the 'Finding Nora' mission that we played for our extensive preview:

"One of my favourite parts of the Finding Nora sequence is there's a bar that you can elect to explore in order to find more resources. And, there's no way to get into that bar without breaking a window," he added.

"It's unclear at first - you see there's maybe one infected in there. So, you think, 'I can probably get away with this.' Well, when you break the window, you realise like there's actually a large number of infected and they can all break the windows, fall out, climb out and spilling out onto the street.

"Suddenly it's this very organic moment where you feel like you're in the middle of this zombie movie, and kind-of in a crisis of your own creation. Yeah, moments like that I got really thrilled about."


Writing by Rik Henderson.