The DualShock 5 controller, said to be launched with the PlayStation 5, will reportedly be backward compatible with the PS4.

Spotted on the official PlayStation France website, a listing for the "DS5" sits alongside "DS4" in a compatibility list for each model of PlayStation 4.

At least, it did before being changed.

Luckily, a screenshot was grabbed before PlayStation France updated its site.


An additional screengrab, posted by Video Games Chronicle (VGC), also showed the UK version of the same chart, without the mention of the DualShock 5.


This is, of course, great news for PlayStation gamers and represents a real sea-change in attitude by the company. It has rarely even offered backward compatible games in the past, let alone first-party accessories.

It also suggests that the DualShock 5 controller could be released before the PS5 itself. You could get yourself ready for launch, therefore.

Previously, PlayStation's Mark Cerny confirmed that the PSVR headset will be compatible with PS5, but we've not heard anything about other accessories, forward or back.

On the other hand, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that all Xbox One accessories will be compatible with Xbox Series X, although we haven;t yet been told if it will work the other way around.