(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 will launch in time for next Christmas and we're gradually getting a good idea of what to expect.

Not only have certain details been released about the PS5, small extra nuggets of information about the console and accessories are hitting the 'net regularly.

The latest concerns the controller, which will likely be called the DualShock 5. A PlayStation patent has been found on the Japanese World Intellectual Property Organisation's (WIPO) website that contains detailed diagrams of a new gamepad.

Sony Interactive Entertainment / WIPO

It looks remarkably similar to the current DualShock 4 but with a couple of extra buttons on the rear and one major omission: the PS button on the front.

The rear buttons appear to be programmable, claims Polygon - which also posted a version of the patent here. It is thought that each will be able to be assigned to ape other button actions.

They also aren't set in stone, at least in placement terms. The patent suggests that they will take the form of extra triggers and could move in the final design.

Sony Interactive Entertainment / WIPO

The lack of a PS button is more intriguing, especially as we already have some pro PS4 controllers out there with added customisable rear paddles and Sony itself is releasing an add-on for existing DualShocks that adds similar functionality.

Could its functionality be moving to the touchbar? Or will there be other ways to switch on the PS5 or go to the homescreen, such as voice?

We'll no doubt find out more in the coming months. For now, we can feel safe in the knowledge that, no matter what the PS5 itself might look like, some aspects could end up being reassuringly familiar.

Writing by Rik Henderson.