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(Pocket-lint) - Sony's next-generation Playstation 5 has had another round of leaks, a year ahead of its planned launch for the holiday season in 2020. Back in October we got some grainy-looking photos of what purported to be developments kits for the console. 

That imagery has now been corroborated by a fresh picture of two of the dev kits, side by side, released on Twitter this weekend by user @Alcoholikaust, who claimed to have sourced them from a lackadaisical developer. 

The image, which has been verified by other people who have seen and used the dev kits, confirms that for now the kits are indeed using a distinctive v-shaped design. This is likely a question of airflow and convenience, with The Verge's Tom Warren reporting that it helps with stacking multiple units. 

As we said back in October, when the first images appeared, it's worth remembering that a dev kit is far from guaranteed to reflect the final consumer design of the console in question. It might be that in late 2020 we're all remarking how close this kit was to the final version, but we could equally be chucking over how much of a red herring it was. 

In terms of the design itself, on the one hand it's certainly distinctive in a world of increasingly similar black boxes. Then again, though, it certainly represents a design departure. Whether Sony is brave enough to follow through on it will be interesting to observe. 

For the eagle-eyed, there are also a couple of controllers to the right of the consoles above, which look like they could be examples of new versions of Sony's Dualshock line. It's hard to tell for sure though, without additional angles. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.