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(Pocket-lint) - The Sony PlayStation 5 might not have made an appearance at E3 or Gamescom but it has in a patent filed in Brazil.

A Brazilian patent application with the registration number 302019002287 was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in May 2019 and published on 13 August. It illustrated a unique hardware design that looks like a games console, but not like anything we've seen before.

Sony Interactive EntertainmentIs This The Ps5 Playstation Patent Suggests So image 2

LetsGoDigital unearthed the patent application and has since also created full concept renders of its own, to show what it might look like beyond the confines of a line-art drawing. 

We have to say, we're in two minds about it. The sci-fi nerds in us love it, with its sleek, almost spaceship aesthetics, while the home cinema cabinet-owning adults cringe at the sight of something so unsuitable for putting in a rack.

Nonetheless, if this is the final design for the PS5, it'll certainly catch a few eyes. At least, in that case, it would show that Sony is attempting something different this time around. And, all the ventilation holes around the top panel would at least show that it's also taking heat control more seriously than with the PS4 Pro - which sounds like it's taking off from a helipad at times.

Of course, you need to keep an open mind about the patent. Filings often turn out to be far from the finished product. And, there are also some suggestions that the design shown is actually of the PS5 devkit rather than the final console.

Nonetheless, it is at least interesting and the concept renders are enough to whet our appetite for the real deal.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 23 August 2019.