Believe it or not, the Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless controller has appeared in more than 25 colour variants since the console's launch back in late 2013. 

And for 2019, some six years later, there are another four official new colours on the way: Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue, and Rose Gold. Here's a run-down of each:

Rose Gold

Sony PlayStation

Dare not call it 'pink'. This Apple-a-like named controller offers a "metallic finish and subtle rose hue" according to Sony. Shiny!

Red Camouflage

Sony PlayStation

Call us crazy, but this is our personal favourite of the four. It's, sort of, more obnoxious than the others, thanks to its combination of black, red and brown forged into a "camouflage pattern paired with silver detailing for extra flare".

Electric Purple

Sony PlayStation

Sony calls it a "vibrant new color". We call it our least favourite. But each to their own. Hard to see in the pictures, but this is a two-tone design, set off by all-white PlayStation shapes buttons (again, we prefer the green, pink, red and blue originals - sorry!).

Titanium Blue

Sony PlayStation

The most serious looking of the four, this blue/silver controller combines "a metallic top cover with light blue detailing", merging matte and metallic finishes into one.

The four controllers will be available from 'Fall 2019', according to the official PlayStation Blog in the US, with North American pricing confirmed as $64.99 a piece. Interestingly there's also an official headset available in Rose Gold for $99.99, which is due a little later in the year, from November.