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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced that it will be ditching the free PS3 and PS Vita games as part of its PlayStation Plus membership scheme from 8 March 2019.

It will continue to offer new PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games each month until then, but after that date the free games service will concentrate solely on PS4.

You will also be able to keep and play the PS3 and Vita games you've already downloaded beforehand, as long as you continue your PS Plus membership.

The company claims its focus going forward down to the fact that the vast majority of PS Plus members are playing on PS4 consoles anyway: "Many of our fans are playing on the PS4 platform, with the increasingly vast number of PS4s in homes around the world," it said in the official PlayStation Blog.

"We’ll continue to prioritise the benefits you receive through your PS Plus membership, such as online multiplayer, online game save storage, PS4 monthly games, and exclusive PS Store discounts across content and network services."

If you are a PS3 or PS Vita-owning PS Plus member who does not want to continue with the service after March 2019, make sure you switch off auto-renewal in your account settings beforehand.

PlayStation Plus offers much more than free games to download and play each month, - it is essential to play online multiplayer games, for example.

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It currently costs £6.99 a month, £19.99 for three months or £49.99 for a whole year's membership.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 1 March 2018.