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(Pocket-lint) - Sony is trialling some new features that could be integrated into the PlayStation 4's system software in the near future.

Pocket-lint has had a chance to play with the PS4 system software 5.50 beta and, among other features, it includes the option to restrict play time for children.

You can now enforce new restrictions inside the expanded parental controls and family management settings. This includes setting play time for different children who use the console, or monitor their recent use on the machine. In future, with the full consumer release of the new system software, you will also be able to set and monitor play time via the PlayStation application for smartphones and tablets or on a PC.

You can also set restrictions on network features and PS4 applications for different, registered children. And even set spending limits to allow them to make PS Store purchase but only within a certain budget.

All you have to do is add members to your family and you can set different options for each.

Other additions to 5.50 beta include additional lists in your library, where you can see all of your PS Plus games since you joined in a new, specific section.

It is also easier to see your PlayStation VR games amongst all installed titles, thanks to a new PSVR icon that appears on their tiles.

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We will also be exploring new, reported supersampling options for PS4 Pro and bringing you a separate report on how that can improve games for non-4K TVs.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 7 February 2018.