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(Pocket-lint) - Capcom's Monster Hunter: World will be released on PS4 and Xbox One next week, on Friday 26 January in the UK.

You can pre-order it from Amazon.co.uk here or Amazon.com here. But true fans will be clamouring to get their hands on the special edition PlayStation 4 Pro that Sony is releasing with Capcom to celebrate the franchise finally coming to the console.

PlayStationPS4 Pro MHW long image 1

The Monster Hunter: World limited edition PS4 Pro has the fire wyvern Rathalos blazed across the top and the name of the game printed in gold. It comes with a red DualShock 4 controller also sporting some tasty MHW artwork.

You also get a standard, physical copy of the game, which is nice because many special edition bundles come with download codes these days.

And, as part of this set, you get voucher codes for a selection of in-game items. This comprises an Origin Armour Set, Fair Wind Charm Talisman and a Monster Hunter: World dynamic theme to customise your console's homescreen.

Several local retailers have some stock of the limited edition bundle, which will ship on the game's release day.

Game.co.uk has the set available in the UK, priced at £379.99. While GameStop has the US exclusive. You can pre-order one there for $449.99.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 January 2018.