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(Pocket-lint) - Although recent reports revealed that the Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling console in the US of all time, it has a long way to go before it catches up with the PlayStation 4.

Sony has revealed that it sold 5.9 million PS4 consoles worldwide in the holiday season alone. And that means, up to of 31 December 2017, it has sold 73.6 million PlayStation 4s (original PS4, new PS4 and PS4 Pro variants) in total.

Considering that the original PS4 came out at the tail end of 2013, that's a phenomenal number in just four years.

It's hard to say how that compares to its nearest rival, the Xbox One, as Microsoft no longer releases official sales figures. We do know, however, that the Xbox One X has performed above original sales expectations and sold faster than the PS4 Pro when it was released a year before.

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Nintendo, on the other hand, sold 4.8 million Switch consoles in the US between its launch in April 2017 and the end of the year. Around 10 million have been sold worldwide in just 10 months.

Sony also revealed that 55.9 million PS4 games were sold through retail and the PlayStation Store during Christmas 2017, with 645 million PS4 games now having been bought globally since launch.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 9 January 2018.