With the Xbox One X launching today, Sony has made the cheeky, bold move of offering a 4K gaming bundle that represents incredible value for money. Priced the same as a standalone Xbox One X, the PS4 Pro "Only on PlayStation" bundle comes with five massive, great games.

As well as the 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro, £450 will get you the limited edition version of GT Sport, WipEout Omega, and the EE Pocket-lint Awards-nominated titles Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn. You also get the expansion pack for Horizon - The Frozen Wilds - which adds an all-new adventure to the incredible RPG with around 15 hours of extra gameplay.

The Xbox One X is £450 without a game.

It's a clever move by Sony, and its partner Game, as the Xbox One X has had a lot of publicity today, Tuesday 7 November - the new console's launch date. It is by far and away the most powerful console available - as we discuss in our full, in-depth review here - although you might be swayed by the extra swag on offer with the PS4 Pro equivalent.

The PS4 Pro usually costs £350, with which you can also get a free game. One bundle on Amazon.co.uk has the console and FIFA 18 for that price.