(Pocket-lint) - Although it skipped Gamescom in August, Sony hosted a PlayStation Media Showcase on Monday 30 October. ahead of Paris Games Week.

It focused exclusively on games, with some incredible trailers - including one or two big surprises. There were no hardware announcements, contrary to prior rumours, but the PS4 titles were enough to have us on the edge of our seats throughout.

Here then are the games that were launched during the showcase and how to catch up with the event video if you missed it first time around.

Where can I watch the PS4 Paris Games Week Media Showcase?

We hosted the PlayStation Media Showcase live, here on Pocket-lint. You can also watch the action on demand below.

It starts with a pre-show with a stack of indie and PSVR games, some of which have not been seen before. The main show starts around 1 hour 15 minutes in.

You can also watch it on a dedicated webpage at playstation.com/pgw, on PlayStation's Twitch channel, its YouTube channel and even on its Facebook page.

What was announced during the PlayStation Live PGW event?

Sony/Naughty Dog

PlayStation started the show with an all-new intellectual property, Ghost of Tsushima. It's a samurai game from the developer of Infamous, Sucker Punch and looks amazing.

Concrete Genie was another interesting reveal, with the game bringing to life graffiti you paint onto walls. You get a large palette of different items and tools, it seems, so creativity will be rewarded.

Erica is a PlayLink title, which looks to be an interactive movie. And those with a PSVR will be served loads of new games in 2018, with Blood & Truth - a sequel or close cousin of London Heist - looking very cool.

A brief clip of Far Cry 5 showed how multiple players will be able to play within the game world when it comes out early next year, while the expansion sets for Destiny 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Curse of Osiris and The Frozen Wilds respectively) seem spectacular.

There were brief clips of Call of Duty: World War II and Star Wars Battlefront 2, and new Codemasters driving game OnRush really reminds us of Motorstorm. We also thought the section of Detroit: Become Human was the best we've seen of the game so far.

But by far and away the most exciting part of the showcase was at the end. A new, brutal trailer for The Last of Us 2 had us all shaking in our seats.

What wasn't announced during the PlayStation PGW Media Showcase?


Even though there were some rumours beforehand, Sony didn't reveal any new hardware. And although there were several leaks about an updated PSVR ahead of the event, nothing materialised during the press conference.

Pocket-lint will be attending the Media Showcase and reporting back as it happens.

Writing by Rik Henderson.