Sony made a new, silver version of the PlayStation 4. 

It's completely the same on the inside, compared to the standard PS4; it just has Gran Turismo Sport-themed design. More specifically, according to Sony, it has an "exclusive Gran Turismo Sport silver faceplate, emblazoned with the logo and a fully-customised silver DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with the Gran Turismo Sport logo on the touchpad". The 1TB system is set to go on sale from October.

The launch of this fancy console lines up with the latest Gran Turismo game. In fact, it will come with a "Day 1" edition of the upcoming title, which includes $250,000 of in-game credit, sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet, and 60 PS4 avatars. A jet black version of the Gran Turismo console will also available in both 1TB and 500GB versions, Sony said. There's even a jet-black PS4 Pro edition coming.

If either one interests you, they'll be available on 18 October across the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia. They're limited edition.