(Pocket-lint) - Sony plans to release a gold-coloured version of its PlayStation 4 console, if a Reddit leak is to be believed.

A user, MeinFewer, claiming to be an employee of Target in the US has posted a picture on Imgur of a shiny, gold version of the slimmer, standard PS4. He also claims that the 1TB console will be available in the States from 9 June. That's a day before E3 2017 shenanigans start, with EA Play kicking off this years event on Saturday 10 June.

For all intents and purposes, the PS4 is likely to be exactly the same inside as a black or other coloured version, but we have to say we do quite like the idea of the jazzed-up, bling edition.

Sony is unlikely to refer to the gold PS4 during its E3 2017 media briefing. The press conference is being held in LA on Monday 12 June, starting at 6pm PST. That means, if you want to watch it in the UK, you'll have to be awake for a large part of the night as it'll start at 2am BST Tuesday 13 June thanks to the time zones.

The company isn't expected to make any major hardware announcements and will focus on games during the presentation. Xbox will be unveiling Project Scorpio the day before.

Writing by Rik Henderson.