(Pocket-lint) - Remember Sony's Aim Controller?

We used it at E3 2016 with FPS title Farpoint. We even described the demo as an amazing VR experience, in part because the Aim Controler made everything seem so immersive. At the time, Sony said we could expect the controller to launch around the holidays alongside Farpoint. Yeah. It's now March and Aim Controller and Farpoint are no where to be found. However, Farpoint's developer has given us some hope.

At GDC 2017 this week, Impulse Gear confirmed to Road to VR that the game and controller will launch together - in a bundle - on 16 May. You can even preorder the $80 bundle at GameStop. The retailer, however, shows a June release date. So, who knows.

The PS VR Aim is shaped so you can hold it like a rifle pulled into the shoulder or fire from the hip. The controller uses a similar system to the Move controllers for PS VR - hence the big pink orb on the front - meaning it will mirror your movements in the real world. So, if you point the gun to the side, it'll move that way independently of your head movements. Pulling off badass shots without even looking should now be a gaming possibility.

And, in Farpoint, you can literally look down the barrel should you want, too, rather than just firing off the hip. Sony is reportedly planning on developing more first-party games for the peripheral. Horror game The Brookhaven Experiment will even gain support.

Check out our preview of the device for more details. We'll let you know when it actually launches. We've also contacted Sony for UK pricing.

Writing by Elyse Betters.