(Pocket-lint) - Rogue Trooper is returning to games platforms after an 11-year absence.

One of 2000 AD's most endearing characters, Rogue last appeared on PlayStation 2, the original Xbox and PC in 2006. He then made a brief outing on the Nintendo Wii in 2009.

Now he returns to Nu Earth in Rogue Trooper: Redux, a heavily remastered and remodelled version of the original, much-loved game.

Rebellion has handed development duties over to TickTock Games, which will be providing all new versions for PS4, Xbox One, PC and the forthcoming Nintendo Switch.

We haven't learned of a release date yet, but Rebellion promises us that more information will be forthcoming.

It also intriguingly tantalises us with the news that it plans to farm out other 2000 AD licences to third-party developers, including, potentially, Judge Dredd and Sláine.

This is in addition to the prospect of a TV series or sequel movie to the critically acclaimed Dredd. Rebellion CEO and co-founder, Jason Kingsley, told us earlier this month that plans for a possible television spin-off are "strongly moving in that direction".

"Nothing has been announced yet but we are very, very keen on doing more with the huge depth of 2000 AD licences that we’ve got," he added.

"We have to work out how to get more, cool 2000 AD stuff out to the marketplace. And hopefully, later on this year, that will be something we’ll be talking about in a bit more detail."

Clearly that now means future games too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.