Sony has pushed a major new update for the PlayStation 4 that includes some much-requested features. You should see it appear on your console either automatically or through the System menu.

The version 4.50 update (previously codenamed Sasuke) brings things like external hard drive support for games and the ability to view 3D Blu-rays via PSVR. PS4 Pro owners get some extra goodies.

Here's everything you need to know about the new system software features.

PS4: What is system software update 4.50?

Update 4.50 is exactly what it sounds like: an update to the PlayStation 4 system.

The last update, which released 8 December, was 4.07, so you might still have that on your machine. If so you need to check the system menu and download the latest version.

You should always update your PS4 to the latest build to enjoy new features, improved usability and enhanced security.

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PS4: What does update 4.50 include?

The PS4 has supported external hard drives for a while, but Sony limited it to system upgrades and media like videos and music. Games were left out of the loop. However, with version 4.50, you can download and install games directly to USB 3.0 hard drives up to 8TB in size. That's really handy for those of you who have a digital library but only own the base 500GB console.

It effectively means you don't have to open up your PS4 to swap the internal drive for a larger version, although that's still possible too.

The 4.50 update also lets you pick an in-game screenshot for your home screen background. You can add effects like drop shadows to text and darken the Function Area to make your icons visible.

Another upgrade includes improvements to Quick Menu, which now covers less of your screen and lets you easily access stuff like Party features via Online Friends, so you can create new parties, invite friends, etc.

The Notifications app has tabs condensed to a single simplified list, making it easier to see all of your notifications all at-a-glance. To quickly access your Notification settings, go to the Options Menu and you will see options to turn off or customise which pop-ups appear. Sony has added the ability to post directly into the Activity Feed, which appears in places like What’s New.

Speaking of What’s New, you should see a new option to post text, screenshots, and GIFs directly into your Activity Feed. You may also see screenshots that users upload, because Live from PlayStation now shows screenshots uploaded to PSN as a Public Activity.

Finally, you can now view 3D Blu-rays in stereoscopic 3D directly on a PSVR headset.

An additional treat is available for PS4 Pro owners. Sony has added a Boost Mode that forces the PS4 Pro console to support higher frame rates for many games that aren't yet 4K-optimised.

PS4: When will update 4.50 be available?

Those who signed up for PlayStation's beta program had an early peek at update 4.50 already.

Everyone else got it on Thursday, 9 March 2017.

PS4: How do you update your console?

There are several methods available for updating your PS4 system. Go to the PlayStation support page (here too) to learn more.

You should have received the update automatically if you set your machine to download files when in sleep mode. Alternatively, head to the Settings menu, then System Software Update.