(Pocket-lint) - Sony has pushed out its latest software for the PlayStation 4 so you should find it waiting for you, either to download or already installed if you have updates set to do so automatically.

PlayStation system software 4.0 adds a few new features, including the much-talked about customisable folders, but the biggest addition comes in the form of High Dynamic Range picture technology.

HDR was promised during the Sony PlayStation Meeting event in New York last week and will be available on every PS4, including the soon-to-be-released new, slimmer model and the PS4 Pro, which is coming on 10 November.

It increases the colour gamut available to developers to add to their games, and the ability to render deeper black levels and brighter whites on TVs that support it. Netflix will also offer HDR video playback - along with 4K - on the Pro after launch.

Other additions in system software 4.0 include a refreshed user interface, a Quick Menu that now pops up without you having to leave your current game session, and better profiles, that show more details about the games you and your friends have been playing.

Perhaps even more handy for those thinking of upgrading to a PS4 Pro or even a Slim in the near future is a new data transfer feature. You can now transfer games, user info and save data from one PS4 to another over a wired LAN connection.

There are plenty of other tweaks too, just in time for the PS4 Slim to hit this week, on Thursday 15 September in the US, Friday 16 September.

Writing by Rik Henderson.