Sony had some serious boots to fill following Microsoft's pre-E3 conference. But fill it did, kicking things off with the latest God of War, showing a whole new side of action adventure to the well-known formula.

That wasn't all, with The Last Guardian getting a release date (finally), Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human showing face, in among live playable demos of Horizon: Zero Dawn and more.

Perhaps biggest of all was Sony's push of PlayStation VR, which will be released on October 13, priced $399 (no UK price just yet). It'll have Batman Arkham in VR, Resident Evil 7 in VR (the whole game), and more than 50 titles at launch.

Here are the best trailers from the Sony Playstation E3 2016 pre-E3 conference.

God of War

When you think God of War you probably don't think of a game with much heart. But the forthcoming PS4 game combines action and adventure with story in the way that Sony knows best. And it looks simply amazing. From snow effects, to the graphical fidelity, huge characters and fast-paced action. One to look forward to for 2017.

Days Gone

Initially show with little information, Sony then went on to close its conference with a live demo of what turns out to be a terrifying zombie apocalypse title.

Droves of the undead chase our biker hero in a relentless stream that got our hearts pounding equally relentlessly. It's almost like Sony's answer to Dead Rising, but far more sinister. Another for the 2017 shopping list, we think.

Death Stranding

Say hello to Kojima in his post-Konami role. Yep, the Japanese mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid has been signed to Sony, with his new Kojima Productions house.

Starring Norman Reedus, of Walking Dead fame, and kicking off with a dramatic track and by Low Roar, there's not much detail about this title just yet. But of all the teases this was the most cinematic and eye-catching of the lot.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Despite making roughly no sense at all - robot dinosaurs in a sort-of caveman world - we think Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like a stunning open-world experience. Especially having seen a live gameplay preview.

Think Witcher 3 meets Far Cry in levels of adventure and RPG action, with a combat wheel and slow-mo action to select your type of weapons and ammo - with multiple selections essential to take down the corrupt robots.

Destructible environments, robot dinosaurs, a large open-world and an ace female protagonist. What more could you ask for? It'll be out February 28

The Last Guardian

Sony's will-it-won't-it puzzler has taken years to get off the ground but now, finally, this quirky Japanese adventure has a release date: October 25 2016.


Spidey exclusively on PS4? Insomniac Games is behind this Marvel classic, with all the web-slinging and rooftop-swinging you'd expect from a Spiderman game.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Year in year out the CoD train keeps on turning, but as much stick as it gets thrown at it, the latest Infinite Warfare instalment actually looks great.

It takes place in the reaches of outer space, with plenty of zero-g action, a smattering of vehicle controls, a grappling hook to beef-up your spacewalks, and the usual gunning mayhem.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage of Quantic Dream is well known for making cinematic games and elements of Detroit: Become Human - which is about human-like androids - look interesting.

The actual trailer, however, looks like it was thrown together last minute, a splicing of cheesy explainer moments and typical choice-driven gameplay.

PlayStation VR

We've held it out til last, but PlayStation VR is Sony's big push with the PS4. It'll be out on October 13, priced $399, along with more than 50 available games by the end of the year. And given Microsoft's double console unveil today, Sony really needed to shout about some hardware, right?

From Resident Evil 7, which will be playable from beginning to end in VR, to Star Wars Battlefront PS VR experience and even Batman Arkham VR, there's a bevy of top titles to look forward to. Resi looks terrifying too.