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(Pocket-lint) - Sony PlayStation seems to be undergoing some changes, not only is the newly formed Sony Interactive Entertainment coming into being on Friday 1 April, but there's also another company being formed and that's ForwardWorks. 

ForwardWorks is detailed by Sony as a company that is going to "deploy new services towards the ever-expanding smart device market." If that wasn't explicit enough, Sony goes on to clarify that it means Android and iOS specifically. 


It seems that ForwardWorks is going to be responsible for the development, sales and operation of software on these platforms, while the subject matter it has to work with includes PlayStation titles and characters.

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There's a catch at the moment, however, in that this might not be for global deployment, with Sony's press release stating that it's going to be targeting users in Japan and Asia. Whether this is a case of starting at home before expanding, we just don't know yet.

Sony appears to be following Nintendo's lead, although to be fair, this isn't really new territory for PlayStation. Sony has had PlayStation titles on Xperia devices for some time, and even went as far to launch the Xperia Play in 2011. There's been a PlayStation app, some games and degrees of PlayStation connectivity, culminating in PS4 Remote Play in the most recent devices.

There's never been a convincing push however, to bring dedicated content using PlayStation characters to mobile devices. The same could be said of Nintendo, who appears to be undergoing the same sort of process, of looking to the world of mobile gaming to make more of its wide range of gaming assets.

For now it's a case of watching and waiting.

Writing by Chris Hall.