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(Pocket-lint) - Much has been made about Microsoft's decision to add backwards compatibility to the Xbox One via emulation, but did you know that the PS4 is also capable of emulating games released for previous Sony consoles?

Indeed, it is said that developers have had their hands on emulation software since PlayStation Now was first announced in January 2014, and therefore the ability to emulate PSOne and PS2 games on the latest console. Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem to be a feature that will be unlocked en masse anytime soon or even ever.


Instead, it looks like the software will be used by developers and publishing companies to convert some of their archive titles to sell or bundle with other games and hardware. We know this because Eurogamer has discovered that the four classic Star Wars games bundled with the limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 console pack are PS2 games running using emulation, rather than having been remastered.

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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Racer: Revenge and Super Star Wars come with the pack and the first three are running through PS2 emulation. Only the latter is a different type of release, having originally been available on the Super Nintendo.

So we know it is possible to play classic games from PlayStation's past without the need to shell out for a monthly PS Now subscription or rental fees. Does that mean the flood gates will now open on other classics being available to download? Or will Sony even add emulation to the PS4 itself, allowing you to spin older discs? We can only hope.

If so, can we please finally have Parappa the Rapper? Pretty please?

Writing by Rik Henderson.