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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced that PS4 owners are no longer stuck with one colour of console. It will be releasing a selection of varying coloured faceplates that allow for console customisation.

Sony says initially, from 18 November, it will release four plates in Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Glacier White and Red. These will be followed by Gold and Silver at a later date – but these two won't hit the UK, Ireland or Australia unfortunately.


To customise your console all you need to do is remove the HDD bay cover from its top. Then you simply slide the new coloured cover in and click into place.

With black and white consoles out there and a total of six plates expected, that's a variation of 12 colour options to come. It doesn't allow for total individuality but it's a step in the right direction for Sony.

Perhaps 3D printed or customised hand-painted plates will start to get attention soon too. If you want to investigate each colour variant and the options a little closer, check out our gallery above where all the combinations are shown in photo form. 

Pricing has not been announced for the faceplates yet, nor has there been a mention of a bundle pack option.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.