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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced a price drop for its PS4 for those buying in the UK and Europe. It will now be priced at £299.99 or €349.99 for the console and a controller.

That now puts Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One head-to-head at nearly the same price in the UK. Although you can pick up an Xbox One with Fifa 16 for £300 on Amazon.

The PS4 was originally £349 when it landed in the UK while the Xbox One was £400, but that included the Kinect sensor, which is no longer bundled at the £300 price.

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Sony opted for adding bundles while maintaining its price, initially. But the price drop has now happened in more than one country. Japan already dropped the price to 34,980 yen which is about £190. Australia has also seen a recent price drop from AUD$550 to AUD$480 which is about £225.

So it seems, despite the price drop, the UK and Europe is still paying more than some countries. Perhaps after Christmas or during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales we'll see that price drop even further.

If you've not committed to a next-gen console yet, be it PS4 or Xbox One, it's probably also worth baring in mind future updates are likely. Slimmed down consoles with more memory and greater 4K compatibility could be coming. When that happens is anybody's guess though.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.