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(Pocket-lint) - One to file in the "cheeky" folder, the Ouye Tank is a Chinese games console currently seeking funding on the country's version of Kickstarter, JD Finance.

It's actually an Android games machine, with a name cunningly similar to another Android console that has recently been bought by Razer. However, that's not the cheeky part. Just look at it. Go on, take a long hard look. Does anything else strike you as familiar about it?

It's obvious, it closely resembles the facial features of Ryan Gosling. What's that? It also looks like the PS4 but with the gamepad of an Xbox One? Oh yes, now you mention it...

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Of course it does. The design of the main console is about as much a rip-off of the PlayStation 4 as can be. And the controller is almost identical in shape and style as Microsoft's. We're willing to bet the Ouye console doesn't play much like its inspirations, but that's by the by.

In specifications terms, the console runs Android 4.4.2 with a custom, PlayStation-style tile interface. It has an octa-core A80 processor and 2GB of RAM. There is also 16GB of storage on board, rather than the 1TB found on the latest PS4.

There's one significant difference between the machine and those of Sony and Microsoft though, one that it has over its competition; it is just around £45 in price. That's not too shabby, even if the company's moral code is.

Writing by Rik Henderson.