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(Pocket-lint) - You'll be able to get your hands on Sony's "1TB Ultimate Player Editon" of the PlayStation 4 in less than two weeks.

Sony has confirmed the new console, which primarily features a hefty storage upgrade, will launch in the UK on 15 July for £349.99. Sony first announced the new PS4 with double the storage of the current model while at E3 2015.


Sony's 1TB PS4 is the same as the current model in every way, except it has extra storage space, which is ideal for anyone that uses Sony’s PlayStation Plus service because it fills hard drives fast with downloadable games. 

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Also, for a limited time at participating retailers (and only at launch while supplies last), the new console will be bundled with Sony's PlayStation TV micro console. It lets you stream content from the PS4 to a second screen.

Microsoft's 1TB Xbox One costs the same as the new PS4 bundle but doesn't come with a micro console of any sort. This is a deal that therefore might help some gamers (who are still in limbo) decide which next-generation system to buy.

Keep in mind as well that Sony has sold more than 20 million PS4 units worldwide, making it the strongest-selling PlayStation console in the brand's history.

Writing by Elyse Betters.