In the battle of the big guns at the E3 gaming expo, Sony always opts for the last word at the end of the pre-show day. That's after the world has had half a day to digest Microsoft's morning announcements and ponder what Sony's reply will be. 

For 2015's show there was no messing around. Like clash of the titans, Sony got straight into the swing of things by unveiling The Last Guardian - the "has it, hasn't it been shelved?" title first revealed back in 2009 - to rapturous applause and, perhaps, surprise.

Surprise was the ongoing theme, with more new titles unveiled, alongside some beta first and exclusive content announcements in partnership with third party developers. Here are our highlights from the Sony E3 conference and the PS4 games that will be coming soon as a result...

The Last Guardian

Sony still hasn't given up on The Last Guardian, which is now confirmed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive for 2016. Finally!

The puzzler with a big heart depicts a boy with his giant griffin-dog (nobody really knows exactly what it is) in a partnership that benefits the both of them. Think platformer meets puzzler and you've got a rough idea.

What stands out most about the title is just how different it looks to anything else that's been revealed at E3 2015. In among the usual splatter of first-person shooters, this is a breath of fresh air. We just hope it's as good as it looks.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Think Jurassic Park meets Terminator and you'll be some way towards understanding what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about.

This PlayStation 4 exclusive is a futuristic adventure-meets-shooter based in a world after the cities have failed, the power has gone and - wait for it - dinobots roam Earth. Yes, you read that right: dinobots (a name we're giving these electro enemies).

It's a new IP unlike anything we've quite seen before, combining elements of adventure with third-person shooting in a vast open world that is, of course, full of those all important dinobots. And it looks like one of the major games to watch when it's released in 2016.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake, and public betas first

When it's not doing exclusives, Sony is keen to brag about its public beta firsts. The PS4 will see Hitman, Street Fighter V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 all before Microsoft. The games are each coming out on both consoles though, so if you're non-plussed about a little early access then it's unlikely to sway your purchasing power. 

However, the game that got the biggest reaction by far was Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Which does exactly what it says on the tin: remakes Final Fantasy 7 in new-gen quality, bringing the 1997 classic forward by almost 20 years of technological advance. People are ultra hyped about this one, which is coming to PS4 first.

Shenmue 3

As if FF7 wasn't enough to look forward to, the cult classic Shenmue, which hasn't been seen since its 2001 sequel, was propositioned on stage by its creator. This is all about Kickstarter: with a campaign goal of $2,000,000 smashed inside the first day, the total continues to rise.

Which means, supposedly, Shenmue 3 will get made and released by 2017. Although we think there's a deficit of money here and that Sony will need to step up to the plate to ensure ample cash is in the pot to make this cult classic every bit as good as it could be.

No Man's Sky

Depicted as another PlayStation first title, No Man's Sky, the "universe size sandbox", is one of those mind-bogglingly impressive games that leaves us wanting more each time we see it. And at E3 2015 we saw gameplay, depicting space combat, research and discovery.

It's a game so big that not even the developers know how every planet in every solar system in this giant space exploring epic will look, nor what exactly will be on their surfaces. It's like the big band theory to video games.

Still no release date, but we predict a 2016 release that will see the gates to No Man's Sky open. And what an exciting time that will be.


It's impossible not to include Media Molecule's Dreams in our Sony round-up because, well, it looks so utterly bonkers that we have no idea what's going on.

Draw, design and craft characters that can be puppeted and used to interact with others' creations in a mixture of worlds. What the actual game is, however, we still can't quite fathom. And that's roughly as much as we can say about that. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

To finish the show, Sony showed off Uncharted 4 live gameplay. Or, at least, it tried to: a glitch saw a controller malfunction, with the PS4 exclusive game's hero, Nathan Drake, stuck on the spot. Gulp.

A quick restart and (cue loud cheer) the show was back on the road. With its duck-and-cover play mechanics in full swing, Uncharted looks every bit the well-crafted third-person shooter that we've all come to love.

Here, however, with fast-paced driving to out manoeuvre a machine-gun-toting truck, Uncharted 4's use of driving mechanics showed off how much more open-world the forthcoming title looks. Not entirely open, but with a bigger play arena than its predecessors, we suspect this will be the Uncharted to beat all others.

It does look impressive and, come March 2016, we'll be able to get our mitts on it. Assuming, that is, it's not delayed once again...