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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has finally added a media player to the PS4 allowing gamers to watch more than just Blu-ray movies or content they've downloaded from the PSN store.

The feature has been missing since the console's launch in 2013 even though the previous Sony console, the PS3, included a fully functioning media player.

In a move to beat the Xbox One, Sony looked to push home its gaming rather than media credentials and so the decision was made to ditch the feature at the time. As the console has matured that focus has clearly started to change.

The new feature, which is available immediately via an app from Sony, will be simply called "Media Player" and works with both your home server and when plugging a USB stick with media into one of the available ports on the PS4.

Once you download the app from the PlayStation Store your home server will appear as a media option in the player automatically and finding your media is simple and quick, claims Sony.

You may also simply enjoy music as background music on your PS4 too. Groundbreaking huh?

The Media Player supports the usual media formats and codecs including MP3, AAC, H.264/MPEG 4, AVI, MKV, and Jpeg.

The app is free and will mean users don't have to use Plex to get TV and movies on their console.

Writing by Stuart Miles.