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(Pocket-lint) - Take Jurassic Park, mix in Terminator and what do you get? Horizon: Zero Dawn, the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, isn't a far cry from the end result.

This imaginitive futuristic adventure-meets-shooter is based in a world afer the cities have failed, the power has gone and - wait for it - dinobots roam Earth. Yes, you read that right: dinobots (a name we're giving these electro enemies).


As a tribeswoman (or more warrior really) you possess multi-faceted bow-and-arrow-shooting abilities, with bolts including stun, explosive, and other varieties to help you through this trecharous world. Those enemy dinobots may look cute enough, but they're an ideal source of energy that you'll want to harness.

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It's a new IP unlike anything we've quite seen before, combining elements of adventure with third-person shooting in a vast open world that is, of course, full of those all important dinobots. Some act like herbivores and retreat at your presence, while others get on the offensive. Why, exactly, we have no idea. But it does look very cool.

The demo shown off at Sony's E3 2015 press conference depicted one giant electronic beast against, T-Rex style. By dodging attacks and thinking intelligently, a mixture of attacks targeting weak zones showed off the power of the bow & arrow and, well, the sheer gall of our protagonist.

Horizon looks like one of the major games to watch, as ridiculous as robotic dinosaurs with no explanation of their origin may seem. We think that's plenty reason enough for it to stand out from the crowd when it's released in 2016.

Writing by Mike Lowe.