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(Pocket-lint) - Update: Fallout 4 is official, leaking early ahead of the countdown timer on Bethesda's website.

The site has been pulled for the time being, but a screenshot showing the Fallout 4 watermark and Bethesda logo, alongside box art for PS4, Xbox One and PC formats, has been revealed.


Talk about a tease before the big reveal. The official announcement will follow at 15:00 BST.

Original story: Fallout fans prepare to hyperventilate. A "please stand by" notice has appeared on the official Bethesda website with a countdown, teasing what we suspect will be the Fallout 4 unveil.

Ahead of the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles we knew that Bethesda, the publisher of the Fallout series, had something big up its sleeve. Why? It has scheduled in a press conference on the evening of Sunday 14 June - the company's first ever at the show.

It's about time Fallout 4 showed face, after a five year wait since Fallout: New Vegas graced the last-gen consoles and PC. And boy are we excited about what the new-gen consoles and beefier-than-ever PC graphics cards are going to be able to do with this game. Thing is, for now, we've got no actual visuals, so we wait with bated breath.

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Fanfare surrounding Fallout 4 has been rife for years. At the tail-end of 2013 we were teased to an elaborate hoax detailing the would-be title, which we oh so wanted to be real. Now  the wait for official concrete details is almost over.

Set your watches for 15:00 Wednesday 3 June (BST) and tune in, fans. Looks like we'll be in for a treat (here's hoping it's not just a high-res rework of Fallout 3 for new-gen consoles).

Pocket-lint will also be at the E3 expo and attending the Bethesda press conference to bring full details of the game and the publisher's other announcements. Stay tuned.

Writing by Mike Lowe.