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(Pocket-lint) - Rumours are flying around that Sony will not only announce the final name of the consumer model of its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset at E3 but will also reveal two new models of the PlayStation 4.

During its press conference on 15 June the company is likely to unveil two new PS4s, one of which will come with double the hard drive storage, as it will contain a 1TB HDD. In addition, the consoles will be lighter and use less power to run.

These features were revealed in an Federal Communications Commission filing, which is required to authorise the use of the wireless systems in the consoles in the US.

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The samples under test were submitted on 12 March this year, so although the new models will more than likely be shown for the first time at E3, they are unlikely to hit stores for a few months yet - Christmas anyone?

A PS4 Slim would be a sensible move for Sony and hardly out of the ordinary considering the company has released slimmer, remodelled versions of all of its previous consoles in the past. But the extra space on the hard drive will be the killer new feature for many.

FCCnew ps4 models to launch at e3 one with 1tb hard drive image 2

That said, you can always swap the hard drive on the existing PS4 to more than 1TB anyway, as Pocket-lint illustrated in our handy how-to guide.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.